In Memory of RWB Thomas L Truman, MOLOR Junior Steward

Our Right Worshipful Brother Junior Grand Marshal, RWB Thomas L. Truman of Independence Missouri,  has passed on and into the Celestial Lodge Above.

Right Worshipful Brother Thomas L. Truman was initiated into the Mysteries of Freemasonry on December 5, 1972, Passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on January 16, 1973 and Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on March 16, 1973 in Buckner Lodge No. 501.

Right Worshipful Brother Truman was a very Active Member in the Masonic Fraternity and a Loyal Member of his Home Lodge of Buckner No. 501, Kansas City Lodge No. 220 , Ivanhoe Lodge No. 446 and the Missouri Lodge of Research.

Right Worshipful Brother Truman served the Grand Lodge with Dedication, Loyalty and Zeal for nearly 2 Decades in various positions.   As District Deputy Grand Master of the 19th Masonic District in the early 2000’s, as a Grand Pursuivant and Grand Chaplain for 4 Grand Masters and most recently as our Current Junior Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Missouri and Junior Steward of the Missouri Lodge of Research.

These positions, while of Great Honor and Importance to the Grand Lodge of Missouri and our Charities, do not begin to signify the importance of who this Brother is that has departed us from the Living.   While I can attest to the numerous “Tom Truman” Stories from many Brothers who will no doubt be sharing them in the next few days, I can say for myself, this man, who was very colorful in life, was a source of multi-colored White Light for me personally, the Staff of the Grand Lodge Office and to many treasured friends whom call him Brother.

We will certainly grieve the loss of his companionship in our natural state but we must remember that WE are not the crude matter of this natural world, but are Beings of Light brought forth by the Almighty Lord God, who we must Trust in his plan being perfect and that Tom’s work here on earth is not actually done.    Tom will continue his work in the memories we made together which will continue to shine brightly within us.   Those sweet memories will continue to bloom and allow us to reflect on some of the things Tom was about and about what is really important in Life.   To me, Tom made life worth living.   Tom made life Fun, especially when it seemed unbearable and he could, without any effort,  bring a smile to someone just by entering the room.

Tom was also a US Navy Veteran that served our Nation during a time of War in the Republic of Vietnam in the mid to late 60’s, not taking lives but saving them as a Naval Corpsman.  This shows again, that while the world and many can be suffering through the fires of Hell, Tom brought life, which brings me to why I say……Everyone needs a Tom.

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