Fellows of the Missouri Lodge of Research

What makes a Brother a Fellow?

He must be a member at least five (5) years in the Missouri Lodge of Research and compiled one or more of the following:

  • Brother has written or published a Masonic subject in a book or leaflet and had general distribution among the craft;
  • Brother has written articles on various Masonic subjects that have been distributed in some publication;
  • Brother has contributed as editor or otherwise to the publication of a Masonic magazine or publication over several years;
  • Brother has completed historic Masonic data and worked on Masonic Research of value that has also contributed in someway to a Masonic Publication or Lodge of Research.

The Master of the current year designates a committee to review and recommend Brethren throughout the year and one may be approved by unanimous vote at the Annual Communication of the Lodge of Research in the month of September.

Fellows (* denotes deceased)
1955 – Ray V. Denslow, PGM *
1964 – William R. Denslow, PGM *
1968 – Alphonse Cerza *
1970 – Lewis C. Wes Cook, PGM *
1996 – Bruce H. Hunt, PGM *
1996 – Allen E. Roberts *
1997 – J.C. Montgomery, Jr., PGM – St. Louis
1999 – Ronald E. Wood, Jr. – St. Joseph
1999 – Gerald W. Burnworth *
2002 – James M. Williams *
2005 – Zel Eaton – Kirksville
2007 – Otha Wingo – Cape Girardeau
2010 – Willfred “Bill” G. Soutiea, Jr., PGM – St. Louis
2011 – Steven L. Harrison – Kearney
2015 – Todd E. Creason – Illinois