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PublishedBook TitleAuthorPrice
2005Freemasons for DummiesChristopher Hodapp$20.00
2006Complete Idiots Guide to FreemasonryS. Brent Morris$20.00
History of the Missouri Lodge of ResearchJohn Hess$10.00
1936From mouth to ear: The genealogy of our Missouri ritualHenry Clay Chiles$10.00
1998Giants of Missouri Freemasonry of the Twentieth CenturyRonald E. Wood Jr$10.00
2016Frederic L Billon’s Masonic MemorandaFrederic L. Billon$20.00
2015Freemasons at Oak IslandSteven L. Harrison$10.00
2014Freemasons, Tales from the CraftSteven L. Harrison$10.00
1972Masonic Thoughts for each Day of the YearAlphonse Cerza$10.00
1931Masonic ConservatorsRay V. Denslow$10.00
1965Did you Know? Vignettes in Masonry from The Royal Arch Mason MagazineWes Cook$10.00
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