What is the Missouri Lodge of Research?
The Missouri Lodge of Research is a Masonic research organization composed of Freemasons dedicated to the study of Freemasonry, its history, and who by their contributions make it possible to publish, distribute, and discuss the results of their research.

It was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF&AM on September 30, 1941 under the direction of MWB Harry S. Truman.  The Lodge gathers and disseminates, by discussion and/or publication, information pertaining to the origin and development of Freemasonry and the members who have contributed to its growth and development.

Who may join?
Any Master Mason. If living in Missouri he may become an Active Member, if in another jurisdiction, he becomes a Corresponding Member, if any organization, library, or lodge desires to join they are considered Subscribing Members.

What does it cost to become a member?
Please visit our membership page for details on the current dues amount. Membership in the Lodge of Research entitles you to receive the annual book published by the Lodge along with any other membership publications. Want to pay your dues now? Just visit our Membership page to pay online!

What are these funds used for?
Administrative costs, printing of Masonic Literature, printing of the membership books and funding approved grants to Masonic Researchers. You may apply for these grants through the Secretary’s Office located at 6033 Masonic Drive, Ste. B, Columbia, MO 65202-6568 or e-mail your request for information to info@molor.org.

How often does the Lodge of Research meet?
The Lodge of Research has two stated meetings per year. The first meeting takes place in April or May of each year.  The “Annual Meeting” which includes the election and installation of officers is held during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Missouri, AF&AM.  Please visit the Events page on this website for further information regarding our meetings.